Create an Escrow Transaction on Sanwo Express

  1. Visit or click the Start Express Transaction button on Sanwo’s Homepage.
  2. On the Sanwo Express page, enter your phone number and email address and that of the recipient. These details are important and required because they will be used to notify the recipient and they will also be required to authenticate the transaction. Kindly confirm that the email addresses and phone numbers are correct and available to receive SMS OTP.
  3. Enter the details of the transaction:
    • Item name– This can be the name of Product or Service (e.g HP Pavillion X360 or Create 20 Marketing Blog Posts)
    • Quantity– This is the quantity of the service or product you are paying for (e.g 1)
    • Rate–  This is the unit price  (e.g 5000)
    • Amount – This is will be automatically generated
  4. Click Pay. The platform will direct you to complete your payment via Card or Bank Transfer.
  5. Once the transaction is successful, you and the other party will be notified and you’ll get a link through which you can always follow up on the transaction.



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